Fujian Firstall Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Fujian Firstall Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fu'an City, Fujian province, China. The company specializes in producing high energy density and high reliability intelligent permanent magnet brushless alternator, the power range covers 5KVA-2500KVA. Through the ISO9001/2008 international quality management system, the company has obtained the CE certification for export to Europe and America. Firstall company has also got more than 20 Invention and utility model patents. It is equipped with a complete set of intelligent production equipment, inspection equipment, test center system and new product R & D system to provide customers with professional and personalized products and the overall solution of power generation and power supply.
Firstall company has a passionate professional senior team from the industry benchmarking enterprise, and has introduced a visual real-time management and control management model, established a high standard quality management system and quality traceability system. From design calculation, design verification and experiment, material selection to process control, product terminal inspection and so on. Exquisite winding design, perfect production process, reliable AVR and other high quality components, compact and easy to install product structure, high performance electrical system, IP23 international standard protection, 500 hours lasting durability experiment, etc., ensure good matching between the products and various mainstream power systems. Firstall alternators have been fully recognized by the market, sold to more than ten provinces and cities in China and exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, such as Europe, Asia and America.

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